Screening Your Moving Company

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Recommendations from friends are highly valued – on your end and ours. We pride ourselves on having positive customer feedback and testimonials to share. However, we advise that you go beyond that and do the following:

  1. Look at our rating with the Better Business Bureau;
  2. Call other companies, both local and national, and ask for information about their time and business, how long they have had an intact team, what their specialty is, if they have checklists for customers, packing services, packing products, unpacking services, and ask how they handle complaints. You may also want to ask if the Owner or General Manager will be at all present during the move;
  3. When you are doing these calls, pay attention to your gut reaction to who you are speaking to and how the conversation feels. It may sound corny but you know your experience with people and when it feels right – great, and when it doesn’t – move on!

Moving is a deeply personal experience, be assertive. If you didn’t care about your possessions, you’d leave them behind.

Charles Price

Charles Price

I am the president of Dielman Moving and Storage and a veteran in the moving business with a focus on quality service. Owns and operates all trucks, prioritizing safe, reliable moves. Specializing in challenging spaces and long carries.

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