How to Pack Electronics for Moving: 5 Tips

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Learn How To Safeguard Electronics on the Move From The Relocation Experts

What’s the best way to pack your TVs, consoles, and computers as you prepare to move? When it comes to your electronics, professional movers in St. Louis, like Dielman Moving & Storage, Inc., do it right.

Keep reading for five tips regarding how to pack electronics for moving to keep them safe on the journey and in storage.

Five Tips For Packing Electronics for Your Next Move

#1 Remove Loose Parts

When packing your electronic devices, it’s a wise idea to remove loose parts, such as batteries, cables, USB devices, or removable media. You should pack these items separately to prevent damage to them or their ports. If a cable catches on something during the move, it may bend the port or break the cable. 

#2 Use the Original Box 

Your electronics will likely never be safer than the box they came in. The company packaged it in such a way that it could travel worldwide without issue. By holding onto the original packaging, you can ensure your item is safe while moving, especially with its original packing inserts, foam, and cardboard. 

Have you thrown out the original box? Don’t worry; a quality moving box and packing peanuts or bubble wrap work as well.

#3 Prevent Dust and Moisture

Packing and moving typically involve a lot of dust and possibly some moisture, both potentially serious for electronic items. Prevent problems by packing your electronic items with silica gel sachets. They will absorb any moisture and cover device fans. 

These simple solutions help protect your electronics. However, preventing moisture buildup also prevents the risk of electrical injury when you start using your devices in your new home or office.

#4 Cover Large Items

If you have larger electronic equipment, such as a flat-screen television, it most likely won’t fit in a moving box. In the event that you did not keep its original packaging, it’s best to cover it with a thick blanket. 

A moving blanket can prevent scratches or cracks on your large electronics or appliances. It’s also best to stand up these items when you pack them to avoid placing pressure on the screen.

#5 Backup Files

Are you moving a computer, such as a desktop model? Have you backed up your files? Data loss easily occurs due to damage sustained while moving, even if it is accidental.

Even a minor drop could shake the hard drives too much or corrupt the information. So, backing up your files ensures that you can recover information and gives you peace of mind. This is especially important if your device will sit in a storage unit for some time.

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