Moving Your Business?

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No one wants to experience the disruption in business operations that a move creates. We have found a number of tactics that help, and begin with creating an overall written strategy complete with dates for packing and order of the move of each department and group of people:

Ordering and having boxes and packing materials including content sheet lists in advance of the move as far out as is possible;

Packing everything in advance of a move that is not needed for daily activities;

Color coding each individual’s belongings;

Investing time in purging as fas in advance as you know the move will take place so there is less to move

Arranging reasonable flex time so that employees can pack at their self-scheduling and in coordination with dates announced as open dates for packing;

Hiring packers who can attend to less personal items of the inventory, shared areas, lesser-used community items;

Arranging the move in stages so what is not essential is actually moved first and placed at the new location;

Stratifying the move of employees strategically so support staff is ready for when more executive members move and need their help;

Arranging celebratory moments for when each phase of the move is completed.

We love what we do and have made the move of our own company and found this strategy is helpful for everyone. We are here to guide your move so it is a great success for the business and morale.

Charles Price

Charles Price

I am the president of Dielman Moving and Storage and a veteran in the moving business with a focus on quality service. Owns and operates all trucks, prioritizing safe, reliable moves. Specializing in challenging spaces and long carries.