Moving Checklist

Begin with a written strategy and calendar.

  1. New location secured;
  2. Movers screened and hired;
  3. Packers screened and hired;
  4. Cleaning teams screened and hired;
  5. Unpackers screened and hired;
  6. Dates of move coordinated;
  7. Turn off or transfer utilities at both places;
  8. Transfer of mail and all delivery services;
  9. Notification to business and personal associates on move;
  10. Packing materials purchased and delivery arranged;
  11. The readiness of new location prepared for arrival;
  12. Arrangement of bedding to set up first;
  13. Coordination of clothing hung and drawers filled;
  14. All bathroom goods transferred and placed (meds and toilet paper 1st)
  15. Bath linens placed for near immediate use;
  16. Luscious bathroom toiletries placed into the old and new home for final and opening relaxation cleansing;
  17. Delivery and placement of essentials into the refrigerator, freezer, pantry;
  18. Delivery and placement of small appliances for food prep placed;
  19. Water in abundance at each end of the move to retain hydration of all;
  20. Pets calm and placed into a cozy automobile with temp controlled fresh air, and no risk of loss;
  21. Phones, chargers, and service on and near you at all times.

We invite you to add to this so we can create an even better list with each client experience.