How Important is Climate Controlled Storage?

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Self storage customers lose millions of dollars of personal and professional fragile items by storing their items in the wrong kind of long-term storage unit. Self storage is great for many things, but some items do better in a controlled environment. That’s where climate-controlled storage comes in.

When your stuff sits in storage, a lot can happen to it. The most common concerns are moisture buildup, extreme temperatures, and pests. In this case, how do you make sure your items are as good as they were when you dropped them off? 

You’ll find many benefits to climate-controlled storage, and some of them may surprise you! Climate controlled storage plays a crucial role in preserving the condition and longevity of stored items. Check out our handy guide to find out how this type of storage can help you.

Understanding Climate Controlled Storage

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An example of climate controlled storage, also known as temperature controlled storage, is a storage unit specifically designed to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level. There is a tendency for the temperature to remain stagnant between 55 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage facilities with indoor units are more likely to offer climate controlled storage, but it is worth asking an outdoor or drive-up facility if they offer climate controlled storage.

Since temperature and humidity work together to create moisture in a space, they are important metrics when it comes to optimizing the climate changes. A higher temperature and higher humidity equal more moisture; on the other hand, a higher humidity means a higher amount of heat (and a lower humidity means a lower temperature). You can protect your items from moisture by keeping both temperature and humidity steady.

Items that should be protected in this type of storage are furniture made of leather and wood, electronics, musical instruments, household appliances, artwork, photos, wine storage, DVDs, CDs and vinyl records, and other treasured or special items.

The Impact of Temperature on Stored Items

In various regions of the country, summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees, while winter temperatures can plummet to freezing levels. When faced with such drastic temperature shifts in your climate, it becomes crucial to shield your belongings from the detrimental impact of extreme and unforeseen temperature changes.

Apart from the risks of warping, splitting, and cracking, delicate items like wooden furniture, antiques in storage, and musical instruments are susceptible to continuous temperature fluctuations. To mitigate these risks effectively, climate-controlled storage units offer a consistent temperature throughout the year. Although the exact temperature may vary between facilities, it typically remains below 80 degrees and above the freezing point.

A moisture-rich environment is created by heat and humidity. Exposing your valuables to moisture leads to mold, mildew, and warping and rot, among other problems. Regardless of the weather, climate-controlled storage maintains a stable environment in your unit year-round, so your belongings will remain in the same condition they came in.

It is essential to maintain proper air quality whenever sensitive electronics or paper-based items are being stored. Fine art, paintings, books, and business records may be damaged when excess moisture and humidity control levels are not maintained.

How do I know if I need climate-controlled storage?

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You should ask yourself the following questions about an item if it should be stored in a climate controlled facility: Can it develop mold or mildew? Can it warp, crack, deteriorate, or turn discolored when exposed to moisture? Would high heat cause it to expand or contract? Would it expand or contract if it were stored at a certain temperature (for example, wine or artwork)? Would it be sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as extreme heat or cold? Would it be rare, sentimental, or valuable?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should seek controlled storage for your items.

What should be kept in climate-controlled storage?

Some of the most important items to store in a climate-controlled environment are any type of furniture with wood, wicker, leather, metal or upholstery and any other items made of these materials. Electronics, media, artwork, clothing made of lace or leather or if it will be stored for quite some time and important documents. Photographs, musical instruments, wine, antiques and collectibles of any sort as well as your medical supplies and medications, makeup and toiletries, household appliances, sports equipment and bicycles with leather seats as well as other leather goods should all be climate controlled while in storage.

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

This type of storage offers numerous benefits, including constant climate control, heat and humidity regulation, and temperature maintenance. These features ensure the protection of your items, preventing any potential damage.

Moreover, these storage units act as a reliable defense against dirt, debris, and pests. Unlike regular outdoor storage units, which may not be as effectively sealed with insulation, these units provide an additional layer of protection. Additionally, when you retrieve your items from storage, you’ll appreciate the convenience of not having to clean them.

Most importantly, you can have peace of mind knowing that your items will remain in pristine condition, just as they were on the day you stored them.

Invest in Climate Controlled Storage

It’s of the utmost importance to storage delicate items in a climate controlled storage to safeguard them from disasters. Having peace of mind that dirt and debris , plus knowing that they will be in good condition is a great benefit. You put your items in storage to keep them safe through preservation methods until you take them out, which can be over an extended period of time in many situations. Climate controlled storage will make sure that your items will not be damaged in any way. At Dielman Moving and Storage in St. Louis, we can help with all your storage needs. Contact us for more information today!

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