Heading Out To College?

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The big adventure of leaving the home nest and getting out on your own – at college. Fun and a bit scary.

One of the most important pieces of information is the square footage that you are moving into. We want you to arrive safe, sound, and feeling that everything you’ve moved actually gets to fit into your new residence.

We advise you to get photos and room dimensions, details about beds, shelving, desks, and bathroom set up. Whatever is fixed furnishings have to be worked around; you will want to know what light fixtures to bring, whiteboard, bulletin boards, desk accessories, and plugins for your various electronics. Some colleges allow appliances and planning for their placement and electronics is vital – no circuit breaker issues, please.

As for shelving, you want to have a good idea where you can place your books and writing tools alongside computers and printers. In this culture of technology, we travel pretty heavily with our supplies to keep us working and in communication.

If you’re moving to another climate for school, be mindful to take seasonal clothing but don’t pack for more than one season at a time; leave the majority of your wardrobe at home. College housing doesn’t typically have an abundance of closet space or dresser drawers. You can help manage the stress of this if you plan trips home in advance of extreme weather changes that includes wardrobe change-outs.

Bathrooms are often shared and not spacious; planning to be orderly and using your own containers can be very helpful. Sharing with roomies can start out being friendly and fun, and quickly come to an end when you feel overused.

Be sure you know the laundry situation and have your hamper double as your folding basket. Get clear about what detergents and dryer items you like and consider enrolling in Amazon Prime so you have a regular delivery of what you need.

We want your experience to be healthy, happy, and easy for you so you have a great time and minimalize stress so you maximize the use of your mind and learning abilities.

Charles Price

Charles Price

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