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A friend once told me to pretend that everything I wanted to move could fit into a small matchbox, the type that holds those wooden watches. I thought this was a bit nutty but I tried it anyhow.

As I did that, I just shrunk everything down and within short order found my stress level contained because I knew that the moving trucks were indeed those boxes and everything would fit. I knew that the packing of my possessions into each truck would need to be handled by experts and as such, I didn’t need to worry – I just needed to pick the best movers.

I did. I screened several. I got pricing from a few who passed my initial gut reaction test. I looked at the cost and as I sat in shock, I thought about how precious all of my belonging were to me. Actually, they are priceless and they make my house a home – a place where I feel safe and sound.

The cost of moving has made me wiser because I have insurance to cover my items and judgment that guides who I choose.  I decided to be willing to pay professionals who pack and move and unpack. It cost me dollars and saved me my overall well-being. I didn’t pick the cheapest or the most expensive but I selected a pricey group who treated both me and my stuff like it was priceless and indeed it all is.

Charles Price

Charles Price

I am the president of Dielman Moving and Storage and a veteran in the moving business with a focus on quality service. Owns and operates all trucks, prioritizing safe, reliable moves. Specializing in challenging spaces and long carries.