Climate Controlled Storage

When your belongings are in a storage unit, it can be out of sight and out of mind for most people that don’t visit their units very often. Things can happen, such as extreme temperatures, weather conditions, and pests. These items can ruin your valuables. Climate-controlled storage units will ensure that your valuables stay safe.

Benefits of Climate Control Storage

Basic household items may fare well in a basic storage unit, however, many items are very sensitive to humidity, such as collectibles, antiques, furniture, electronics, artwork, books, and musical instruments. These items should be in a climate-controlled environment to keep them from ruining while in storage.

Climate-controlled storage units in St. Louis stay at a consistent temperature all year round to protect your valuables in ideal conditions. Here are some items that you should consider climate-controlled storage for:

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What we do not store or move

Combustibles, flammables, hazardous or toxic materials, food, any animals or plants – dead or alive, cleaning materials of any kind, rugs, priceless works of art or writings, passports, stocks, and or bonds, not limited to this list above. Please read our storage contract for more information.

Damage Coverage / Insurance:

DIELMAN DOES NOT COVER YOUR STORAGE CONTENTS. You MUST provide your own renter’s insurance*.

*If you are unsure as to how to obtain the proper Renter’s Insurance policy, please call the office for assistance.

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Jim J.
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Awesome movers. Would hire again instantly and recommend to anyone for small or large moves. They took great care of our items and property and worked very hard nonstop to finish picking up and delivery in one day for our large move with 2 trucks. They also broke down and set up our 5 beds which was a plus. Friendly, respectful and efficient.
Julie G.
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Great experience. The cost was in line with the bid. The team was on time, helpful and extremely friendly. No damage to any furniture or our new home.
Ben C,
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Great experience. Fast, friendly and efficient! From the booking, to the moving day experience all went smoothly. We were impressed at the lengths they took to ensure that our furniture was protected. Would certainly recommend and will use them again.
Jeff W.
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Just spent 3 and half days with Charles and his crew from Dielman Moving and Storage. They did our local house to house move and did a fantastic job. We ended up with more items then was originally estimated which caused us to go over the planned three days. They came back and finished the job at a discount. The whole crew was respectful and hard working. I definitely recommend.
Meg W.
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Moving stinks am I right? Nicole Warner could not be a better employee. She takes care of everything. She makes moving stress free if you can actual imagine that. She truly was my guardian angel from start to finish.
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