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If you are selling or buying a house, you may need to store items for quite some time until you get everything settled. Many times, your old home will sell, and your new home isn’t ready to move into yet. In this case, you need somewhere to store all of your belongings. Or, you may have extra items that don’t fit in your home or apartment that you just want to store somewhere safe for a short period. There are two main types of storage available.

You may be asking yourself whether you need to rent a standard or climate controlled storage unit. If you have specific items, they should go into climate controlled storage to protect them, while other items may fare well as long as extreme weather conditions don’t affect them. Here, we’ll help you decide which of the two you need or if you may need both.

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What Exactly is Climate Controlled Storage?

As the name implies, this type of storage unit stays at a constant temperature all year round that mimics the temperatures in the typical home. It’s usually somewhere between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature also controls the humidity in the unit so as not to cause moisture buildup on items that shouldn’t get damp. Climate controlled units control both the heat and humidity in a stable range to avoid moisture buildup in a unit.

What Items Should go In Climate Controlled Storage?

  • The most common items that should be in a temperature-controlled area include your artwork, antiques, and any type of furniture made of wood to prevent warps and cracks. 
  • Mattresses should also be in this unit so that if in storage for some time, it doesn’t get moisture on them, leading to mold and mildew. 
  • Any musical instruments you may have, such as guitars made of wood or metal instruments, such as a flute, should be stored in a low-humidity environment to keep the wood from warping and the metal from rusting due to fluctuations in temperatures. 
  • Paper products that you wish to keep in good condition, including important documents, magazines, and both hard-backed and soft-covered books, should be safeguarded against moisture, extreme heat, and yellowing or the pages sticking together.
  • Upholstered items of any type need to be kept safe to avoid mold and mildew from forming on them due to moisture and humidity. 
  • If you are storing clothing for long periods of time, you should put them in storage facilities that are climate controlled. This will keep moths, excessive moisture, and musty smells out of them.

What Are Other Benefits of Climate Control?

Air Quality

The benefits of climate controlled units include air quality that is greatly improved because it has a controlled airflow, which isn’t the case in a standard storage unit. Climate controlled storage circulates the air to help it remain cleaner and maintain the quality of your items stored there.

Dust and Debris Protection

Temperature controlled storage units have insulation in the roofs and floors, just as a home does. This keeps dust and debris from blowing inside the space, thereby keeping all your items clean. When you retrieve your items, you won’t need to worry about intensively cleaning them before you move them to their new area. This controls extreme temperatures and keeps insects and rodents out of your valuables, which can cause major damage to your property.

Extra Security For Your Belongings

Climate controlled storage units are generally accessed from inside a building to give you extra security. They are usually monitored with security cameras as part of the rental, and there also may be a guard at the front gate or at least a security system. Basic storage units are usually entered from outside to enable quick entry for the renters, but this also makes it easier for a thief to cut the lock off and take what they want.

What to Look For in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

There are several things to look for to find a great climate controlled storage unit. 

The hours of operation are important. If you need to get things out of storage every so often, and it may be at early or late hours before or after work, you should look for a 24-hour facility to have access whenever you need it.

Drive-up access is important too. This makes getting into the building easier and makes it much more convenient to load or unload large items. Search for a facility with an exterior door that is as close to your unit and the outdoor parking area as possible.

Some rental units will also offer you a free moving truck rental when you are storing your items or cleaning out your unit. This saves you valuable money from renting a truck, but you must schedule using it as far in advance as possible.

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When choosing a climate controlled storage unit, search for one with security, good lighting, longer hours to suit your schedule, and a location that is convenient for you so you won’t need to drive out of the way to access your valuables. You may be able to rent a climate controlled unit that is owned by a moving company that will pack your items and move them to storage for you to save you a lot of time and trouble and give you peace of mind.

If you live in the St Louis area, feel free to contact Dielman Moving & Storage. Schedule an appointment and get your free estimate with us today and take advantage of all the benefits that climate controlled storage provides.

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