Moving Checklist

Begin with a written strategy and calendar. New location secured; Movers screened and hired; Packers screened and hired; Cleaning teams screened and hired; Unpackers screened and hired; Dates of move coordinated; Turn off or transfer utilities at both places; Transfer of mail and all delivery services; Notification to business and personal associates on move; Packing […]

Best Moving Tips

Give yourself as much time as possible. Create a timeline and strategy for what gets done when; use a calendar Only purge what you believe you want to. Gift those you love with what you’d like them to have. Use only new, professional, durable packing materials. Screen movers and their packing/unpacking helpers far in advance […]

Cost of Moving

A friend once told me to pretend that everything I wanted to move could fit into a small matchbox, the type that holds those wooden watches. I thought this was a bit nutty but I tried it anyhow. As I did that, I just shrunk everything down and within short order found my stress level […]

Moving Your Business?

No one wants to experience the disruption in business operations that a move creates. We have found a number of tactics that help, and begin with creating an overall written strategy complete with dates for packing and order of the move of each department and group of people: Ordering and having boxes and packing materials […]

Heading Out To College?

The big adventure of leaving the home nest and getting out on your own – at college. Fun and a bit scary. One of the most important pieces of information is the square footage that you are moving into. We want you to arrive safe, sound, and feeling that everything you’ve moved actually gets to […]

Screening Your Moving Company

Recommendations from friends are highly valued – on your end and ours. We pride ourselves on having positive customer feedback and testimonials to share. However, we advise that you go beyond that and do the following: Look at our rating with the Better Business Bureau; Call other companies, both local and national, and ask for […]

The Perfect Move

We have not yet met anyone who relishes the process of the move – not the expense of it or the packing or the angst of the notifications or the unpacking. And most importantly, the actual engagement with the movers. We are known for being personal to the point of likeable – imagine. And we […]